The Six most powerful PHP frameworks to use in your next project (2022)

When you consider web development aside from HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT one thing that comes into mind is PHP language....

The Six most powerful PHP frameworks to use in your next project (2022)

The Six most powerful PHP frameworks to use in your next project (2022)

When you consider web development aside from HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT one thing that comes into mind is PHP language. People have their opinion that PHP is dead somewhere but it is still used by different sites including big names such as Facebook & Wikipedia.

PHP is the most popular server-side programming language which is still going strong in 2022. PHP is something that every developer needs to both master and is able to use well. A PHP framework is a platform to create various PHP web applications. PHP frameworks provide code libraries for functions that are commonly used as well as cutting down on the amount of original code which you need to write. Even, PHP frameworks can give users of all abilities a fantastic way to build out an application using an efficient as well as an effective approach.


  1. Laravel
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. Cake PHP
  4. Symfony
  5. Yii 2
  6. Zend framework

Let’s have a brief description of the above-mentioned PHP frameworks and get to know about these frameworks briefly as well as why they are considered the best PHP frameworks.

  1. Laravel: The Laravel development frameworks are probably the most popular ones among web developers. Moreover, the Laravel framework is considered a free, open-source PHP framework that is suitable for developing web applications and mobile apps with backend requirements that are complex. One of the most important reasons why many corporates prefer the Laravel framework is because it has an SEO-friendly feature that helps them rank their business website on Google with ease.
  2. CodeIgniter: As compared to other frameworks, CodeIgniter is one of the most suitable PHP frameworks for developing dynamic websites. It is lightweight and size is 2MB including documentation. CodeIgniter has occupied near about 5 percent share in web development. The biggest advantage of using CodeIgniter is that it is easy to spot and fix any bug or error that affects website performance. In addition, it loads the website smoothly and there are no chances of an unexpected website crash.
  1. Cake PHP: For business runners of the 21st Century, Cake PHP is considered a most effective and beneficial framework. However, when we come to website development and designing, no one wants to pick that platform or framework with many security holes. Using Cake PHP is the best decision for those owners who want to achieve the best security. Its create, read, update and delete (CRUD) features protect the user submission task in less time.
  1. Symfony: As per research about 80 percent of websites are based on PHP language. In which Symfony framework has a good contribution. Moreover, Symfony-based websites offer ultimate flexibility as well as top-notch performance. Therefore, it is the best choice for web development. In addition to this, it keeps a table and sustainable web application or website developed in any version of the framework that is quite user-friendly.
  1. Yii 2: No Online user loves blank pages or slow websites for that reason users switch to alternative business sites rather than waiting when the business website loads. The website which is built in the Yii framework equipped with outstanding tools which offer better website speed. Further, it enhances security factors such as preventing cookie attacks and cross-site scripting, which help the online business play safe.
  1. Zend framework: Regardless of the size and nature of the business, the Zend framework lets company owners generate their web applications as well as elevate business operations. Its supportive database includes an amazing MVC pattern that creates robust web-based applications. In addition, the settings of the Zend PHP framework are easy to understand as well as work on. If anybody wants to make any minor changes they can make them on their own.


So, which framework do you need to use?

Well, all PHP frameworks have their own advantages. It’s totally up to you which framework you want to use in your website.

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