Before starting in deep, here question arise: The Omicron is here to stay or to wreak havoc? Well, after knowing...



Before starting in deep, here question arise: The Omicron is here to stay or to wreak havoc? Well, after knowing the circumstances in various places it observes that we are going back to 2020.

There is an evidence to suggest that this variant is more infectious than the Delta variant because omicron variant has more mutations in its spike protein than the delta variant. Basically, spike proteins are present on the membrane of a virus. The more the spike proteins, the easier it is for the virus to penetrate human cell and cause infection. Moreover, Research has found that the omicron strain has about more than 20 mutations which make it easier for the virus to attach itself to the human cell.

Well, it is not clear that Omicron causes more severe disease as compared to other variants. Research is underway to confirm that the symptoms of this variant are different from previous variant or are same. Preliminary evidence suggests that people who have had COVID-19 previously have more chances to get re-infected with Omicron. Moreover, people who have weak immune system or have a chronic illness are more likely to get infected.

So, here another question arise what we can do to prevent ourselves from Omicron? Well I can say we have tools to fight this infection. Firstly vaccination remains a crucial measure to protect people from contracting COVID-19 and slow down its transmission. Health experts and scientists are continued to emphasize on masks being a protection tool against COVID-19. It is recommended to people instead of taking it casually they should start wear mask an an indoor settings as well as in places where transmission is easy, even if you already got vaccinated. Testing and sample surveys can analyze the infection and help us to fight against a possible Omicron wave. Moreover, everyone should maintain social distancing and hand hygiene religiously. Lastly, if you experience COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, and difficulty in breathing, loss of taste or smell make sure to consult your doctor and self-isolate.

Further, I can say not only vaccination is mandatory it may require introducing booster doses in the population. It includes the elderly, frontline health workers, and individuals like those with uncontrolled diabetes or taking immune biologics to treat different diseases.

Our biggest fight for COVID-19 is in our hands. If we take it seriously masks, sanitizer, and vaccines that we can save ourselves from the Omicron virus too. But, if we start taking it casually as we have taken COVID-19 earlier then no vaccine or no doctor can save us.

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